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Media Blasted Signs

There are variety materials available to choose from when it comes to media blasted signs, however only one stands above the rest. Redwood and Cedar substrates are susceptible to rotting, warping, cracking, insect and bird damage and therefor not a environmentally sustainable choice. Scorpion Signs utilizes a synthetic "green" product known as HDU to replace wood as the standard in media blasted signs. HDU, other known as high density urethane is waterproof, will not rot, warp, or crack and is specifically designed to be environmentally sustainable.


HDU can also be media blasted with extremely reliable results and can be texturally sculpted with a pebble or a woodgrain finish.  The signs on the right are examples of media blasted signs that have a simulated wood grain and pebble finish. The signs were painted to the customer's specifications using high quality outdoor paint. Scorpion Signs can easily incorporate any of your branding requirements into a media blasted sign.