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Sign Cabinets

Sign cabinets are custom made cabinets  that are used for advertising a business, school, church or other organization. The signs can be mounted to a building, pole or monument display near the building. They can be fabricated to any shape, size and color. The frame of the cabinet is constructed from anodized aluminum sheet metal due to its environmental resistant properties. The frame is welded or riveted at the  seams to create a solid shape.


Larger cabinets will generally require more structural support than a smaller one and the process requires sheet metal bending equipment and an experienced model maker.  Once the frame is complete, it can be sanded and painted to any color specification. Cabinets can either be single or double faced where the material is a thick sheet of translucent polycarbonate. A single faced sign that gets mounted to a building will require a sheet metal back.


Installation Mounting Options

Construction Schematic

Once the shell is constructed, an illuminated sign cabinet can be fitted with any lighting elements necessary such as flourescent lamps and ballasts.  The larger the sign, the more electrical components that  are required to illuminate the sign.  See the schematic below for the basic components of a sign. The final step is branding the cabinet to the customer's specifications. The face can accomodate any design a customer could imagine, as highlighted by the signs to the right. Once fabrication is completed, the signs can be installed in a variety of configurations highlighted in the diagram below.  Scorpion Signs provides this service as part of its standard package to its clients.